The Busy Parent’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

This is a guest post from professional organizer Sarah Giller Nelson of Less is More. This post is part of our Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign. Check back next Friday for more ways on how to actively spring clean via cleaning and organizing experts, Peace by Piece Professional Organizing and Design.

Spring cleaning your home in one marathon weekend session is a very satisfying way of getting your household prepped for the warmer months to come. Being able to dedicate so much time to this one, not-so-child-friendly endeavor is, however, just not realistic for most parents. Luckily, you can spring clean your entire house in 15 to 30 minute chunks by focusing on the bits of time here and there that you have got. Here are some ideas for what can be tackled in short bursts of time:

  • You can clean out a kitchen drawer while you are waiting for coffee to brew.
  • You can discard expired pantry items while you are waiting for vegetables to roast.
  • You can purge clothes you no longer like or need from your dresser while a load of laundry is being washed (added bonus: now you have more space to store the freshly cleaned clothes that you do enjoy wearing.)
  • You can clean out your make-up drawer while you are waiting for the shower to get hot (and cleaning out unused or expired items from under your bathroom sink will only take 15 minutes.)

By working with the slots of time you have and avoiding “an all or nothing approach,” you’ll be able to transform your space without adding to the stress of your day.

Sarah Giller Nelson is the owner of Less is More, a professional organizing services company inspired by a passion for order and beauty. Less is More specializes in getting busy families organized.


  1. Spring cleaning can be an arduous task once the winter season is over since it requires you to clean the entire house from top to bottom. Once you have focused in cleaning and clearing out the small things, cleaning will be less difficult as time passes by.

    June 26, 2012
  2. Routine cleaning and home maintenance are very important to preserve a house and make it last for years. However, with the busy schedules that homeowners have, they are not able to allot major time for spring cleaning. This idea you have shared will certainly help those with hectic schedules to still be able to do some major house cleaning. Thank you for sharing.

    November 1, 2012

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