The Can Impact: A Donation Story

Here at Zealous Good our job is to facilitate the relationship between donor and nonprofit and to make sure donations get to where they need to be. When donations are successfully delivered we are happy and beam with pride. This is what we set out to do, after all. We thank all who have donated their goods to our wonderful nonprofits this past year.

Filled pantry at New Moms!

As matchmakers, it is our hope that the people and organizations we connect will form lasting partnerships. And though we can’t foresee the future, we predict the donor and nonprofit featured in today’s story will be keeping in touch. Today we highlight donor Nellie Huggins who donated canned food and then some to Zealous Good featured nonprofit, New Moms, Inc.

For Huggins, donating to New Moms, Inc., a nonprofit that helps impoverished adolescent led families work towards economic independence, made sense.

“I chose New Moms because the community desperately needs an outlet for young moms to receive the care and education that New Moms provides, and children should never go without, ever,“ says Huggins.

In an event she hosted at Quenchers bar Huggins collected enough canned goods to fully stock New Moms pantry.

“This has been such a blessing to us,” Mary Griffith, Director of Resource Development at New Moms, said in an email to Zealous Good.

Though quite a few people have applauded Huggins’ goodwill efforts, she remains humble.

Huggins donations at New Moms put many minds at ease.

“The best way to stay grounded and not take things for granted is to give back; it takes so little time and energy to do something nice for someone else, and the impact can be great.”

If you are interested in donating to New Moms check out their wish list on their profile page.


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