Take a look at the new Zealous Good!

Hello friends.

Notice anything? Anything different about us today?

Maybe something a little brighter? Sleeker? Dare we say something… totally beautiful??

Thank you for noticing! We just got it done.

The new ZealousGood.com launched last night and we are, at the risk of sounding vain, so into it. Not only does the redesign give us a much needed facelift, but it also makes the site function more efficiently and streamlines our process into something easy, effective, and wholly rewarding for both nonprofit organizations AND donors.

“PROVE IT!” the crowd hollers, clamoring over one another to get to the nearest internet connection.

Very well. We live to serve.

Start with the home page.

Looks awfully functional to me, Mac. 

Those Give and Get buttons, believe it or not, are not just there for good looks. Registering as a donor or a charity is as easy as pie. Click on the appropriate button, fill out a simple registration form (the minute you spend registering will save you SO MANY FUTURE MINUTES!), and get yourself on the way to connecting directly to the good-doing Chicago community.


Now you have the power to directly choose which organization you’d like to support, if you’d like! Maybe you have a cause near and dear to your heart, and I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few. You can peruse our member organizations yourself, learn about their missions and their current needs, and it the shoe fits, choose the organization you’d like your items to benefit. As per usual, we’ll provide you the tax receipt and our heartfelt gratitude.


Signing up to start receiving in-kind donations from our active and generous community has never been easier! Register on the site, tell us who you are, who you serve, and what you need – both urgently and on an on-going basis – and watch your fan- and database grow.

Take a look at the revamped Changing Worlds Wishlist for a terrific example of how gorgeous and simple, yet powerful, the new layout is.

My goodness! How much useful information can you put on one page, man! 

We give you a beautiful space, you fill it with the relevant details, there’s even a nifty little social component up there so your donors and friends can quickly and easily promote your cause and encourage more donations. It’s all pretty cool.

The site is, of course, our bread and butter. Zealous Good is an online platform that makes real world connections meaningful and sustainable. We are so thrilled about and proud of the new site because, simply put, we are the site. And we just got so much better, brighter, and stronger. Don’t mind us if we flex a bit.

The design and development came from the talented and socially-conscious entrepreneurial minds over at Firebelly University. I highly recommend – if you don’t already – that you get to know about them. Lots of tremendous work coming out of there and so much more to come.

I cannot emphasize enough how fired up we are these days. We have a rad team of energetic, focused people and an outspoken and passionate community. Our site finally reflects the clarity of our mission and strength of connection to Chicago and her people.

And we want to see you out! We want to high your fives and feed you with snacks and knowledge.
Come join us tonight at Hubbard Inn for our Launch Party!

We’ll be giving tutorials on how to use the new site and signing folks up!

You’ll be enjoying great company and tasty nibbles!

It’ll be beautiful outside, on February 1st, and everyone will be in an UNSEASONABLY GOOD MOOD.

Hubbard Inn – 110 West Hubbard.
Celebrate the good in all of us.  

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