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It’s that time of year again. School’s back in session, football fans are living out their gridiron fantasies, and everyone you know is hopped up on pumpkin latte-cino-chais. And then there’s my favorite part of the season, iPhone upgrade day. Today is the day. The one me and people across the country have been waiting for 344 days. We’ve waited overnight in lines, anxiously chatting with strangers, the white glow of the Apple Store beckoning us closer. We do all of this for the promise of an updated iPhone. A sleeker, version sporting a bigger screen (more pixels), faster processor, a new industrial design, and new software. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of year, a time to upgrade and a time to add a new piece of hardware to your arsenal of “stuff.”

I will admit I love new shiny (r)evolutionary products. Upgrading is a normal part of our lives. We live in a cycle of constant updates making the questions What should we do with last year’s model? And, is it good to have them stored away? as commonplace as What should I eat for dinner?

There are plenty of items that lay around our household that are no longer in use. They have become our second or tertiary devices.  They were the “it” items a few years ago. But today, they lie in one of our drawers next to pens and pencils. Personally, I have old cellphones and PDA’s stored away waiting for the day that I plug them back to the wall. But that day never comes. I took care of my cellphones and laptops in the hope of them lasting but then the upgrades came and I have moved on to new “stuff”. Luckily, working at Zealous Good, has shown me I can continue to upgrade my “stuff” guilt free by putting my old “stuff” to good use. I can donate it.  My gadgets do not deserve to live in a drawer hidden from the world. They still are useful and can live a new life.

To prep you for the newest gadget update, check out the Macrumors’ buyers guide which informs consumers about upcoming products. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ They have simplified part of gadget buying impulses by creating a calendar for gadget releases. The guide eliminates the stress of buying new gadgets and helps to keep up with the upgrade cycle.

And then there’s Zealous Good, a service that takes the guilt and stress out of what to do with that drawer of barely used electronics. Esperanza Community Services, The 21st Century Youth Project, Girl Forward, and over sixty other charities are in need of electronics.

As we shut down our lightly used products, let’s pass them along. Let them live a new exciting life in the hands of new users. Zealous Good will help you match your stuff with charities and organizations in need. And Zealous Good is the best reason to bring your gently used electronics out of retirement.

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