Welcome Capstone Property Management

We are happy to welcome Capstone Property Management as our newest Property Management partner. Capstone will be helping spread the Zealous Good word to their residents. Moving or cleaning is an excellent time to find unused, in kind donations, to give to one of our 50 Chicago charities. Through our partnership, Capstone and Zealous Good will encourage people to do just that!

Located in Lincoln Park, with apartments and condos throughout the city, Capstone Property Management is focused on providing exceptional service to their residents and clients. Capstone has a wide variety of apartments and condos in neighborhoods across the city, including Lakeview, Bucktown and Lincoln Park.

Capstone will be contacting their residents during the move process to let them know about Zealous Good and how to donate with us. Donating to charity allows people to give their extra unused items to help others while reducing the amount of trash. If you are a Capstone resident, check out www.zealousgood.com, learn about our member charities, and donate today!

We are very excited to have Capstone Property Management as one of our “partners in good” and look forward to working with them! Check out their website (http://www.capstoneprop.com) to learn more about the company and available services.

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