Welcome from the New Community Manager

Hi, Zealous Good community. Let’s be friends.

I am Ali Kelley, the new Community Manager at Zealous Good. Like any good friend, I’d like to get to know you better by asking questions. I want to know what you’re most passionate about, something so important to you that given a high-rise rooftop you would proclaim it at the top of your lungs. I also want to know what you’re thankful for, what makes you happy, and how I can better serve you as a community moderator.

Don’t worry. There’s no rush to answer. And maybe in the meantime you’d like to learn a little something about me? Cool. Don’t be afraid to cut-in wherever.

Chicago is my adopted hometown. Two and half years ago I moved here from Connecticut where I spent my entire k-college education amidst the malls and partial greenery of the suburbs. In my initial winter visit, Chicago wooed me with its vibrant arts scene, well-groomed parks, and strong sense of community. But what you can’t know from a short visit is the amount of people in this city who are in need and the subsequent organizations trying to diminish that need. In fact, you could go your entire life without knowing about Changing Worlds or La Casa Norte.

This is what drew me to Zealous Good. While I certainly haven’t spent a lifetime in Chicago, I went two and half years without knowing about a number of the non-profit organizations listed on our charities page. The previous non-profits that I have aligned myself with had the money to advertise and recruit but this is not the norm. Many small non-profits are doing invaluable work but lack the publicity. Now, Zealous Good is giving them a voice and increasing the list of donors.

When I’m not connecting non-profits to donors you can find me blogging/tweeting/doodling, taking creative writing classes, working on short stories, an endless novel, jokes, and copying down CTA directions. I also love exploring Chicago’s intricate web of neighborhoods and meeting the people who call them home.

I will be regularly updating the Zealous Good blog, Twitter, Facebook page, and Google+ page, and welcome your insights, input, and humor! So many outlets to say hello! You can reach me at ali@zealousgood.com.

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