What a Child’s Voice Sounds Like

I suppose it’s time to come clean about my double life. By now you should know me
as a mild mannered social media maven for Zealous Good. In the mornings and at night this is who I am. However, there’s a chunk of time in the afternoons where I transform into a big kid, playing the role of fourth grade teacher in an after-school program.

On any given afternoon I am testing kids on their multiplication facts, bandaging a knee, staging an intervention by the monkey bars, and/or coming up with new responses to the age-old teacher question, “Why do you look so tired?” Kids really do say the darndest things.

Through all of this I have come to a very basic but very important conclusion: every child is different. They learn differently and they interact differently. Today’s featured member, Child’s Voice, addresses this by catering to a population of children that learn and develop in their own unique way.

For over 16 years, Child’s Voice has provided listening and spoken language education and programming to children with hearing loss from birth to age eight. Their programs support children and their families from across the Metropolitan Chicago area, teaching them to speak, to listen, to laugh and sing.

Child’s Voice offers an early intervention program for children ages 0-3 as well as a primary age program, group and individual aural rehabilitation, and a complete audiology center. After students graduate their progress is followed in the mainstream for two years.

The organization currently seeks items that would improve and expand their programs. Items must be appropriate for children from 18 months through eight years old and be useful in a classroom setting or in home-based therapy sessions. They are also looking for unique items for special events for auctions and raffles.

Child’s Voice often seeks services over items. Listed in their “immediate need” box is a videographer to record, edit, and donate a video showcasing their wonderful programs.

If you can help fill any Child’s Voice needs please begin the Zealous Good donation process today!


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