What Pet Donations are Needed


One of the best ways that you can support animal related organizations is to donate pet supplies. Pet donations are always greatly appreciated by animal organizations as they are in constant need of these supplies and go through them frequently. If you want to donate pet supplies to a local animal rescue organization, here are some of the most needed items:

Towels and Blankets: These can be used for various needs at an animal shelter. The towels can be used to clean up any messes and the the blankets can be used for the animals that are staying at the shelter. Usually any kind of bath towel and blanket will do and most organizations aren’t too specific with what types they need.

Pet Beds: Pet beds are great for the animals that are staying at a shelter and often have nothing to lay down on. Having pet beds allows animals to lay down on something comfortable instead of the floor while they wait to find a new home.

Pet Crates: Often times if an animal shelter has more pet crates they can increase the amount of animals that are staying at the shelter, which leads to more animals being saved. Check with an organization to see what size crates they are looking for. Folding crates are often preferred because of space limitations.

Toys and Treats: These help enrich the lives of the animals that are staying at a shelter and are waiting to be adopted. The animals can play and have fun while staying at the shelter. Check with an organization to see which types of toys and treats they are looking for as these vary greatly for dogs and cats.

Dog and Cat Food: High quality dog and cat food is always needed at animal organizations as this is something that they often have to buy themselves. Receiving pet food can allow an animal organization to use its resources on something else that is needed.

There are a few Chicago based Zealous Good charities that are focused on animals and are always in need of these types of pet supplies.These charities include Found Chicago, Chicago Pit Stop Rescue, Animal Rescue Foundation and New Leash on Life. You can easily submit your pet donations and receive requests directly from charities that are in need!

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