Where To Donate Art Supplies

Ever have leftover art materials laying around after a project, knowing full well you won’t use them again? Maybe you overestimated the amount of materials you needed? We think you should donate them: partly because donating is awesome, and partly because some charities have demonstrated a need for art supplies. Plus, artistic activities develop spatial reasoning and dexterity, what’s not to love about that? The good news is that you can donate art supplies easily and non-profits will benefit from them. And, well, there’s no bad news.

If you’re in Chicago, well you’re in luck. You can use Zealous Good to find out which charities need your art supplies. If not, here are general places to donate art supplies and crafts materials.

Hospitals and Clinics
Children in hospitals struggle with loneliness and boredom, and artistic activities can combat that. You can cheer up a patient by providing them with a fun way to de-stress and tap into their creative side. Don’t worry, hospitals usually sterilize the supplies before giving them to patients.
Check out Storytown and The Flamini Family Foundation to donate arts and crafts that will go towards cheering up hospitalized kids.

Remember all the fun we had as kids in the clinic waiting room? One trick to relaxing kids before a doctor’s visit is having a fun play place, coloring included. Now what would those kids without the coloring books and markers? We don’t even want to think about it.

Preschools and Elementary Schools
This one’s obvious, but we’ve got to put it out there. Early curriculum involves lots of arts and crafts, and art class usually sticks around through 8th grade. Schools are always looking for construction paper, markers, glue, crayons, paint, chalk, beads, scissors, and much more. Take a minute to call a local school and ask if they’re accepting art supply contributions.

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, consider donating to CPS schools. In fact, here is a list of their needs and the number to call is: 773-553-1545. With ongoing budget cuts, schools and teachers would much appreciate the gift!

City Park Programs
Parks are a great place for kids to have fun outside of school. Many park programs focus on athletics and the arts. What a perfect place to donate art supplies! Now grab those paintbrushes and head to the nearest park. Consider calling ahead of time to see if your branch will accept art supply donations, or call the Director of New Business Development Kelly Sheetz at 312-742-4292.

Homeless Shelters
Displaced children staying at homeless shelters receive essential resources, much less recreational items. Art activities can cultivate their imagination and take their mind of the situation. Chicago has dozens of homeless shelters, and a few homeless shelters in the nearby suburbs of Chicago. Dreams for Kids is in need of art supplies and toys, check them out.

A lot of great non-profits would appreciate arts and crafts supplies, so if you have any, please consider donating them. As always, Zealous Good is here to connect you to charities with express needs. We hope you’ll donate art supplies soon!

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