Where to Donate Baby Clothes in your Community

Kids grow so fast. Every few months, older clothes starts to look tiny relative to your growing child. This is especially true with babies.

A wonderful way to give those clothes a longer, more useful life is to donate them to a local charity. If you’re in Chicago, use Zealous Good to find a specific local charity that can benefit from your baby clothes. Otherwise, take a look at this list of ideas below for where to donate baby clothes.

New Moms & Teen Moms Programs

Teen mom programs help ensure that young mothers are prepared for motherhood and have all the resources they need to support their family and themselves. These young moms always need extra items to help with their babies.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a good website listing teen mom programs across the country, but you can always find organizations in your neighborhood by Googling “teen moms program”

Women’s Shelters

Women’s shelters provide a great support system and safe place for women in danger and need. Many women within the shelters have young children and had to leave all their belongings when they left their home. If you’re looking where to donate baby clothes, a women’s shelter in your neighborhood could be ideal.

To find women’s shelters, visit WomensShelters.org. It’s a great resource with shelters across the country.

Loved Twice

Loved Twice is a great resource if you don’t mind mailing your baby clothes. Loved Twice is a non-profit organization that gathers quality baby clothing (up to 12 months). They then sort the garments and make “wardrobes-in-a-box” and distribute them exclusively through social workers in hospitals, shelters, and clinics.

See where to mail the baby clothes, by visiting Loved Twice’s website.

I hope after reading this you know where to donate baby clothes and how your local donation can really make a difference. If you are in Chicago, we’d love to help with this donation. Simply click here and tell us what you have to donate.


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