Where to Donate Digital Cameras

It’s selfie time! Laughs aside, “selfie” has actually been declared 2013’s word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries!  The way we take pictures in our modern, technologically advanced world is changing every day. Some of our mobile phones can even take pictures better than some of our digital cameras. We can call, surf the internet, and take quality pictures all in one device that fits in your pocket. So what happens to digital cameras? Physical cameras are still relevant. Whether it’s from your cell phone or from your digital camera, the message is still the same: cameras aren’t about taking pictures; they’re about stopping time and holding onto life. You can donate your digital camera today!New_cameras

If you’re in Chicago, just use Zealous Good to find out exactly which charities need your digital cameras. If you’re not in Chicago, here are three ideas on where to donate those magical picture takers:


Whether its children in elementary schools, pre-teens in middle school, cool high schoolers, or grown up college kids, there will always be a need for cameras in our schools. Remember photo club? How about yearbook? Growing up can be an awesome time, help these students capture their memories.

To check out schools near you, you can look up your local school district online.

Boy Scouts

The model citizens of our community. Boy Scouts are taught to help other and to always do the right thing—they represent the good of the people. Part of being a Boy Scout is to take excursions in nature, learning about teamwork and living among nature. By donating your digital cameras, these future leaders can capture nature’s beauty or the beauty of their perfect tent!

Learn more about the Boy Scouts!

Recycling for Charities

If you really don’t think you can find an organization or person to donate your old camera too, or if you think your camera has reached its run, you can always recycle it! Recycling for Charities is a cool organization that donates “a minimum of $.25 to the foundation or cause selected by the donator.” Go Green!

For more information, visit Recycling for Charities.

Whether you donate through Zealous Good or to these other fantastic options, your digital cameras can truly make someone’s day. With so many ways to make an impact, why wait? Donate today!

Vince Nava is a 2013 marketing intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Vince on Google+, on Twitter at @vincenava or Zealous Good on Facebook and on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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