Where to Donate Kitchen Supplies


Your cooking knife says slice, slice, slice! Your microwave says ring, ring, ring! Your pots and pans say clang, clang, clang! We say, donate, donate, donate! These are all the sounds you hear every time you are in your kitchen. The kitchen can be the heart of your home, a place where a loving family comes together to share meals, a practice arena to hone your cooking skills, and a familiar spot where you can always brew your favorite cup of joe. The kitchen sometimes requires a lot of updating throughout the years—whether it be sharper knives, newer pots, or more advanced microwaves and toasters. Just think about all the kitchen supplies you can donate! Give them today!

Calling all awesome people!  Donating your kitchen supplies is as easy as using Zealous Good. Our simple donation-matching process lets you both donate items easily and pick the charity you wish to give to. If you don’t live in Chicago, here are some other organizations that you could donate supplies to:


Ahhhh, yes…college. Those were the days. A lot of memories are made during your college years and who can forget the wonderful days of living in a dorm. Most dorms have communal meeting spots with a shared kitchen. By donating your kitchen supplies today, you could help feed the future leaders of tomorrow!

Click here to find more the nearest college to you.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity help build affordable homes for people that need them the most but did you also know that they could use some of your donated kitchen supplies? A couple blogs back, we told you that you could donate building supplies to this awesome charity, who knew that you could do more than that! Help supply kitchens to families that need your help! Donate today!

For more information, visit Habitat for Humanity today.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters can never have enough pots, pans, microwaves, knives, and any other kitchen supply you can think of. Besides providing a roof for the needy, these shelters also hope to provide a solid meal, something that every person deserves. Donate your supplies today!

Search homeless shelters in your preferred search engine today to see which you can donate sofas to.

So, whether you donate through Zealous Good or to these other awesome options, your kitchen supplies can truly make someone’s day. With so many ways to make an impact, why wait? Donate today!

Vince Nava is a 2013 summer marketing intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Vince on Google+, on Twitter at @vincenava or Zealous Good on Facebook and on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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