Where to Donate Leftover Candy

Halloween hasn’t yet arrived and we’re already seeing the costumes and more importantly, the bags of candy, that are starting to be sold at stores. I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween, to me, has always been about the candy. Some years, my friends and I even went trick or treating without costumes, just to fill up our bags of delicious sugar delights! Yet, once Halloween is over, most of the candy seems to be leftover with no one really wanting to keep eating it. Well suprisingly enough, there are ways to get rid of your leftover candy!

You can decide to either donate your candy or participate in dentist buybacks, where local dentists will accept candy in exchange for toothbrushes, coupons, and other things!

Before donating, however, please make sure the candy you received is sealed and does not have tears or holes in the wrapper. If any candy looks suspicious, throw it away!

Now you’re ready to donate or participate in the buyback program!

If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, you can use Zealous Good to match you with several local organizations that are actually looking for that specific item and will therefore profit from it the most. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, here are some other places that would value your donation:

Halloween Candy Buyback

Some local dentists will participate in the Halloween candy buyback where they will send donated candy to the U.S. troops! Other dentists will accept donated candy in exchange for toothbrushes or other treats to reduce cavities. Talk to your local dentist to see if they participate in either program, or check this website to find other dentists near you!

Homeless Shelters

Contact your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen to see if they accept leftover candy. Although they would prefer meals, candy is a luxury a lot of people in need don’t get, so treat them by donating your leftover candy!

Nursing Homes

You can make goody bags out of your leftover candy and take them to your local retirement or nursing home. Appreciate the elderly folks and put a smile on their face today!

Work Office

What’s better than being at work and finding a bowl of treats for you to snack on? Although some colleagues might not appreciate it because its “not healthy”, most people love having something sweet to chew on while working!

Candy is awesome, so donate your leftover candy and spread the awesomeness around!

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