Where to Donate Microphones

microphonesAt some point we all impulse buy microphones for the karaoke machines we need or when we are performing plays for our families. Am I right? We all want to be rockstars at least a little!

They are great for those karaoke nights at home, but after the first month they usually just stay in the back of a closet. Instead of leaving them in the closet, many organizations would greatly appreciate a donation of a microphone! Here are some organizations that would benefit from a microphone:

Schools and After School Programs

Many elementary and upper level schools hold musicals and plays that would be improved with microphones. I was always a shy kid so a microphone was only way people could hear me in a play. There are also assemblies and programs that would be better to use microphones with. Arthur A. Libby Elementary School is a great example of a school needing microphones for their plays. If you’re in Chicago, Zealous Good can help connect you to them!


Many theaters need replacement microphones or just more. It is one less expense for them if you donate it! Children’s theaters need them as props or just replacements! Check out local theaters in your area or on Zealous Good if you are in the Chicago area.

Churches and other religious centers

Churches hold so many different events and concerts. Its never fun to go to a event where the speaker is whispering. Microphones can help make their performances so much more enjoyable for everyone.

To check out what other charities need microphones or to donate something else look at the Zealous Good website!

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