Where to Donate Office Supplies

Whether you’re home or at the office, you may notice the accumulation of pens, highlighters, scissors, binders, and other office supplies that are lying around unused. Sadly, you’re not the only one, but fortunately, there is something you can do about it!

By donating your overabundance of office supplies, you can help your local community and give your old supplies a purpose! Before you donate, consider the following tips:

1. Does it write? If you’re donating pens, highlighters, whiteout, or anything that contains ink, please make sure they write.

2. Does it work? Before donating calculators, projectors, pencil sharpeners, or staplers, make sure to plug them in or test the batteries to see if they work.

3. Is it complete? Make sure notebooks have good wiring, no ripped covers, and are mostly complete with unused pages. For binders, make sure the cover and the rings are not broken.

4. If you have bigger office supplies you’d like to donate, such as desks or filing cabinets, check out our blog on where to donate office furniture for organizations that could benefit from your donation.

Now you’re ready to donate and make a difference in your community!

If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area you can use Zealous Good to match you with several local organizations that are actually in need of that specific item. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, here are some other places that would highly value your donation:

Local Schools/Colleges

Schools are always in need of office supplies. Please help students receive a better education by having the right supplies in their classrooms.

To find a school near you, look up your local school district online.

Develop Africa

Children in Africa are in dire need of school supplies! Most classrooms lack the basic and essential supplies that lead to a good education.

Visit the Develop Africa website for more information.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

The Muscular Dystrophy Association funds worldwide research efforts and nationwide programs to aid those affected by neuromuscular diseases and their families. Their local offices are always in need of office supplies!

Vist the MDA website to learn more.

Pens for Kids

Pens for Kids International is an organization that aims to increase the availability of writing utensils to needy children in Africa. Since this charity is entirely based on volunteer work, your donation is greatly valued!

Visit the Pens for Kids website for more information.

Again, if you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, use Zealous Good to submit your donation and we’ll easily match you with a local charity that could profit from it!

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