Where to Donate Overhead Projectors

After the chalkboard and white board, but before the slide show, there was this thing called the overhead projector. Ah yes, the overhead projector! Those bulky machines that showed pictures and lecture notes—talk about retro! In our modern world, technology has moved society in a rapid progression, creating new lines of communication each year. As we move forward, overhead projectors become apart of the distant past but even though society has outgrown the overhead projector, it still does its job as a functioning communication tool. There are still many organizations that could benefit by the use of an overhead projector—donate them today!projector

Want to know something that isn’t outdated? Giving! Donating your old overhead projector  is as easy as using Zealous Good. Our simple donation-matching process lets you both donate items easily and pick the charity you wish to give to. If you don’t live in Chicago, here are three organizations that you could donate to today:


Though there are many schools—elementary, high school, and universities—that are lucky to have the funding to provide their students with the best educational tools possible there are still a lot of schools that need your help. These schools are thankful for whatever they are given and receiving an overhead projector donation could definitely help. Give today!

Look up your local school district online.

Community Centers

Community centers are places where kids can come to hang out, learn, and play together after school, often providing after school programs. A safe place for kids to come together, an overhead projector could play a vital role in extending a child’s education beyond the classroom. C’mon, knowledge is power right?

Search community centers online to learn more.

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples, etc.

In a previous post, where to donate vacuums, we said that religious centers would be a great place to donate a vacuum. Well, turns out that these centers are also a good place to donate an overhead projector! Whether they use it themselves or find an organization that needs it to most, religious centers are for sure going to know what to do with you donation.

Look up religious centers online to find one near you.

So, whether you donate through Zealous Good or to these other awesome options, your overhead projector can truly make someone’s day. With so many ways to make an impact, why wait? Donate today!

Vince Nava is a 2013 marketing intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Vince on Google+, on Twitter at @vincenava or Zealous Good on Facebook and on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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