Zealous Good is Growing!

We are super excited to announce that this summer Zealous Good is expanding outside of Chicago! Don’t worry Chicagoans, we are still working hard to make sure all of your local nonprofits get connected with donors, but we are also working to spread the love to other cities.

First stop: The north and northwest suburbs of Chicago. From there we will continue to grow  and hopefully by the end of the year Zealous Good will be helping do-gooders across Illinois!

By reaching out to new cities, we’re giving more charitable causes the opportunity to better their community. We’re also giving more small businesses and people an easy solution for donating their excess goods.

At Zealous Good we like to daydream about people with extra items immediately thinking of us, going to our website, and finding a local charity that could use that item. Zealous Good helps the donor get connected with a local organization, see the difference they are making, and helps the charity continue to do good for their community.

Help other communities by telling your suburban friends about Zealous Good! After all, word of mouth is the best way to spread awareness!

We promise to keep all of our readers updated as we continue to grow in Illinois, and someday soon across the United States!


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