We’re One Year Old!

Today marks one year of Zealous Good helping your goods do great!
Building a community of like-minded bleeding-heart social thinkers and doers!
Using all the exclamation points!

Like any one year old, we go absolutely insane for cake. Thanks Jerry! 

The average one-year old can at this point:

  • Use a fork and a spoon
  • Sleep through the night and take only one nap a day
  • Follow rapidly moving objects
  • Say three or more words
  • Shows independence
  • Demonstrates affection

Looks like we’re on track!

In addition, Zealous Good has at one year:

  • Matched over $64,000 in in-kind donations
  • Partnered with 35 Chicago non-profit organizations and charities
  • Made over 1,200 online friends and supporters
  • Run a successful Holiday Gift Drive
  • Demonstrated signs of evolution

On that last point, about the evolution – take a walk with me through our early days, our awkward stage, and our bright, extremely good-looking future…

Bouncing baby Zealous Good was spirited and enthusiastic, if a little all over the place.

Growing up on the straight and (n)arrow, clothed in Chicago pride.
But we, as most blossoming youths, started wondering about what else was out there. 

Sneak peak at the (near!) future. We’re growing up! 

We like to think our new look will reflect our well-rounded character and appreciation for sophisticated type, and serifs.

In all sincerity, it’s been such a wonderful and educational year. From our humble beginnings – Brittany alone and determined to make of a simple idea something real, functional, and above all good – we now have a full-fledged team of passionate and dedicated young folk (more on the new interns soon!) and an ever-growing roster of phenomenal Chicago organizations that are connecting with new donors all the time.

We would be nothing without the support and active engagement of our community. It takes a village, it certainly does. Thank you for bringing us through our first year.

Our redesigned website will be going up very soon and, to celebrate both our redesign and our one year and also our appreciation for you, we’re hosting a little party on Wednesday, February 1!  

Check out the details and register on our EventBrite page and keep an eye out here for a little more on the event in the next week.

We do hope you’ll celebrate not just the site launch but our birthday and our undying appreciation for you! We’d bake you cakes every day if we had that much time for baking. We would.


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