Zealous Good: Providing Closure After You Breakup with Items

Not sure if donating through Zealous Good is right for you? Consider this example of a donation making a difference. It involves a laptop, photos, and the pursuit of knowledge. Zealous Good charity member, Chicago Photography Center, needed a laptop. In addition to classes, the center offers special lectures and a laptop is needed to facilitate these. Because of a generous donor’s gift, the center is now able to host guest speakers and accommodate their presentations.

The donated laptop facilitating students in a class at Chicago Photography Center

One huge benefit of donating through Zealous Good is getting to find out where and how your item will be used. We provide closure. Search our charity wishlists “by need” to get a comprehensive list of donation categories. By clicking the “electronics and accessories link” I found that Street Level Youth Media has an ongoing need for audio, video, and photography equipment for their media arts program. Under “household items” I found Matthews House, Inc is in need of linens and kitchen items for families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness. And under “tools” I was brought back to Chicago Photography Center, which is in need of equipment to upgrade their digital lab and lighting studio.

Your goods aren’t doing any good sitting in your closet. Zealous Good gives your items a new home and you, peace of mind. We’re hear to tell you it’s okay to move on, start a love affair with a new sofa! But when the love is gone, keep us in mind for a no-hard-feelings, for-the-better, kind of breakup.

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